Saturday 16th December:

2:30 Leading in Heels with Susan Callan

four heels

Susan Callan is an experienced teacher from CONNECTango, Petone
Women, if you have ever wondered whether learning to lead would help your following or wanted to get up to some fav music when the numbers are out of balance, this lesson could be for you.
Susan is teaching how to lead for followers only (heels optional). Her aim is to help you feel comfortable on the dance floor and to be able to do something quite quickly.

3:30 Nuevo Lesson with Alex White - Dynamic Momentum

Alex's lesson will be focused on dynamic momentum techniques - something you can apply in your tango: broaden your knowledge and empower your skills.
Alex White is one on the very first tango teachers in NZ, has been teaching in Wellington since 1997. He is also a great stage performer and masters a few styles of Argentine tango in both open and close embrace, Salon and Nuevo, including Argentine folklore and a number of other Latin dance styles. Alex got trained in dancing tango while living in Argentina from dozens of well-known and accomplished teachers such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas & Pablo Veron (stars of "The Tango Lesson" movie), as well as over 40 other teachers, including in Australasia: Fabio Robles, David Backler, Miriam & Graciela, and Graham Dallow.
Alex has competed and judged in a number of competitions, both in New Zealand and Argentina.
His teaching manner is very relaxed and patient, with emphasis on fluidity and enjoyment.

4:30 - 7:00 The Saturday Paractica

This week with Peter.

This will be the last Saturday Practica for the Year! ( though if there is enough interest I could run one on the 30th Dec...)

The practica will resume on Saturday 6th January.

Classess will resume on Saturday 27th January.

The Saturday Práctica has been an institution since 2000. A relaxed space where everyone can practice their tango, walking, technique, ask questions of others, or simply have a dance. People of all levels and styles of tango are welcome. Music is mostly but not exclusively traditional tangos, milonga, and vals. The Práctica forms an important stepping stone for integrating new things learnt in classes into your instinctive dance. This keeps the milongas purely for enjoyment. Teaching at the Práctica is OK if and only if the feedback is invited. All are welcome to join us when we go for a meal afterwards.

Classes are $15, more advanced dancers are invited to help the students in the basics class for free. Práctica is $8 or $5 if you do a class on that day.

The venue is upstairs in Studio 2 at 22 Webb Street - to the left at the top of Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Private Lessons

Contact one these people if you are interested in personal tuition:

Craig and Régine Barkwith

Private lessons for 1-4 people in their private studio. Flexible times.
021 358647

Matthew Civil

Social and Stage Tango, Vals, and Milonga. Wedding Dances, Choreography, and Private lessons by appointment.
0274 882 646

Irina Nearonova

Private classes at centrally located studio during daytime hours. Technique for leaders and followers. Beginners to intermediate level. Singles and couples.
021 427 136

Ricardo Paino

Private lessons by appointment.
021 147 4301

Nina van Duynhoven

Private lessons by appointment
021 0588 047

Sharon Vanesse

Private lessons for couples / leaders / followers, wedding dances and choreography for performances by appointment

Neville Waisbrod

Private lessons for social tango by appointment.
021 562 825
04 382 0607

Alex White

With over 16 years experience teaching tango Alex specialises in social and performance / competition Tango
also for weddings, take as a single or couple to improve fast!
021 848 253

Stephen White, Elke Schaefer

Private lessons to develop your technique and style, including wedding dances.
Contact: 022 024 5311,