Adriana's monthly Friday milonga

Irish Society - 10 Fifeshire Ave, Wellington


A unique milonga where you can dance, have fun, learn curious and funny stories about the music and culture we all love and even request your favourite milonga.

Three hours of dancing, tea, coffee, snacks and all the above for $10 only.  Everybody is welcome!

Come within the first half an hour for a chance to win your free entry to our following milonga.


Note music requests must be made well in advance of our milonga.

Mike y Adriana

Free Lunchtime Milonga

Resumes on the 25th of January

In order to keep this milonga free, please support the bar. The fringe offer the use of the space free of charge but they do put on extra staff for the milonga so please support them.
Even if it's just a drink.
Recently, a rather yummy Veg Lasagna and Salads have appeared on the menu. Try them out!

Tango del Alma

Nina's Monthly Milonga

Friday 20th October

TANGO SALES at Nina's Monthly Milonga tonight!

Buy and sell your no longer loved items... shoes... clothes... etc...

Ladies & gentlemen, do not forget to bring your hangers for clothes items and tag price/contact on Friday Tango Sales

Wellington Irish Society -  8.30pm

Look forward to seeing you there ?


Ricardos Milonga

Milonga Feb 14

The Wednesday milonga will resume on Wednesday, 14 February - timely to celebrate valentines day!

In the meantime ....

Feel the cold waves crash against your legs, and the sand
between your toes.
Hear the laughter of happy children,
And the seagulls squawking in the distance.
Smell the salt from throughout the ocean,
And the sunscreen from those wary of the sun.
See the boats sailing in the distance,
taste the salt as you emerge from the water,
And the ice cream as you eat to cool off.

Wednesdays 8:30pm - 11pm


Wellington Irish Club, 10 Fifeshire Ave.

Read more: Ricardos Milonga

Nina's Sunday Milongas

Irish Club - Fifeshire Ave. (off Cambridge Terrace - Look for the Guniess sign!)


Coffee, tea and biscuits provided

021 - 0588 047

The Saturday Práctica

The práctica is your opportunity to practice what you've been learning in class, refresh your technique.

Beginners are very welcome and help is available from experienced dancers if requested.

We often go to somewhere for dinner and a drink afterwards - you are very welcome to join us!

Every Saturday 4:30 - 7:00, 1st floor 22 Webb St. $8.00