TangoNZ.org is provided as a free service to the Wellington Tango community and tango communities throughout New Zealand.

TangoNZ.org is supported and adminstered by Me (Peter Williamson).

As such I have the final say as to what appears or not, though I'm generally very relaxed about content as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or possibly inflame situations.

I try to keep the content, news of events, classes as up to date as practical but I am, of course, dependant on the event organisors and teachers keeping me upto date!

Content requirements:

When you supply information about an event or classes please note:

Images are good!

  • The image should a .jpg or .png ( not a PDF or Word Doc… as I have to convert them) Images will get reduced to appear on the site to no bigger than 650px wide or height. So please take that into consideration when designing your flyer etc.


  • You also need to include a plain text version (worded suitably and not too long) that I can copy into the weekly newsletter email. This needs to received by noon Friday as I try to send it out Friday after lunch.
  • This text can also be included on the post for those who don't have images enabled or can't see them...
  • Please word your content appropriately to appear as post rather than a chatty email.
  • If you have a link to your event and contact details please include them.

Youtube clips can be included where appropiate and are often good for highlighting visting teachers.


The Calendar serves as the guide to whats on and first in gets the date for an event. If you have a problem with another event please talk to the other events organiser.

Events can set to repeat at regular intervals.

I generally link back to the events article withn the calendar post (1 less thing to maintain...)

However there is the option for brief details that are used in the 'Upcoming milongas' sidebar listing and also in the list generated for the email:

  • Location:
  • Organiser:
  • Brief details: