Matthew May 2018 webb 03Matthew Civil has been dancing tango since 1998 and had a passion for continued learning and teaching the understanding of tango. He has learnt from over 300 teachers. He wishes to foster tango dancing throughout New Zealand and to that end he has been touring New Zealand teaching and has taught at every NZ Tango Festival since the first in 2002.  In 2005 he became the first professional champion of Tango in New Zealand and so represented New Zealand in the semi-final of the stage performance category of the World Championships in Buenos Aires in 2006. Since first going in 2001 Matthew has spent 6 months training in Buenos Aires - most recently in March and April 2018. 

Thursday 24 May 8:00 - Posture, Axis, and Stepping. 
Fundamentals for all, this class goes from the connection with self to maintain an immutable axis through alignment to stepping. The more experienced dancers will also be interested in curving steps. 

Saturday 26 May 2:30 - The Tango Embrace. 
Open to all, this workshop explores the nature of the connection between two people in tango. Beyond the simple hug there are many many adjustments that allow a greater freedom of expression while still maintaining the essential connection between the partners. A variety of styles will also be shown. 

Sunday 27 1:00 May - Walking. The core of tango. 
Open to all,this workshop will explore in depth aspects of walking in tango. Some say that walking constitutes 80% of tango - others say this underestimates its importance. We will look at axis, disassociation, length, timing, relationship, crossed and parallel walks.

Sunday 27 3:00 May - Turning and disassociation. 
Open to all, this workshop explores what can happen when pivoting on one foot. How to lead and follow. Ochos of many varieties, directions, and sizes and stringing steps together in a variety of exercises including giros. 

Monday 28 7:30 May - Planeos for the follower. 
This Int/Adv workshop explores options for leading and following planeos for the follower
including at the parada and from either backward or forward ochos. 

Tuesday 29 8:30 May - Baridas
This Int/Adv workshop shows how to lead and follow baridas or sweeps.
For a challenge we will also apply this during a giro. 

All workshops at 22 Webb St., Te Aro. - 1st floor
Workshop costs: 1 - $20 ● 2 - $40 ● 3 - $55 ● 4 - $70 ● 5 - $85 ● all 6 - $100
For workshop information and to book, contact Peter Williamson 021 132 8103

Matthew is also available for private lessons
Contact him on 027 488 2646

Private Lessons

Contact one these people if you are interested in personal tuition:

Craig and Régine Barkwith

Private lessons for 1-4 people in their private studio. Flexible times.
021 358647

Matthew Civil

Social and Stage Tango, Vals, and Milonga. Wedding Dances, Choreography, and Private lessons by appointment.
0274 882 646

Irina Nearonova

Private classes at centrally located studio during daytime hours. Technique for leaders and followers. Beginners to intermediate level. Singles and couples.
021 427 136

Ricardo Paino

Private lessons by appointment.
021 147 4301

Nina van Duynhoven

Private lessons by appointment
021 0588 047

Sharon Vanesse

Private lessons for couples / leaders / followers, wedding dances and choreography for performances by appointment

Neville Waisbrod

Private lessons for social tango by appointment.
021 562 825
04 382 0607

Alex White

With over 16 years experience teaching tango Alex specialises in social and performance / competition Tango
also for weddings, take as a single or couple to improve fast!
021 848 253

Stephen White, Elke Schaefer

Private lessons to develop your technique and style, including wedding dances.
Contact: 022 024 5311,